Your Deteriorating Internal Organs, Reduced to an Xbox Game

3D medical imagery has always been fascinating to me: generating 3D models from film footage is still a fledgling tech, while medical professionals render guts on a daily basis. And sometimes, apparently, connected to Xbox controllers.

Researchers at Iowa State University have designed software that can quickly and simply render a detailed 3D model of a patient's MRI and CAT scan results. The software, called BodyViz, claims two core advantages over similar technologies: It's easier to use, and it's set up to use with an Xbox 360 controller out of the box because, let's face it, to the latest crop of med school grads, old-school mice and trackballs are lame, bro.

Add a couple of stock FPS weapons, hook this thing up to some robotic arms with knives, fire up the laparoscope and bam: surgery, revolutionized. [IA State via BoingBoing]


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