It's almost hard to believe it's actually happening, considering Sony's Steve Jobs movie seemed like such a total clusterfuck. But there they are: Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen as Apple co-founders Jobs and Wozniak. Someone snapped shots of real Hollywood actors on the set of a real Steve Jobs film that you might actually see in theaters.


As you can see in a now-deleted tweet, the film is proceeding even though Christian Bale, David Fincher, and even Sony itself all bailed on the idea. Last week, the picture's new sponsor Universal confirmed that Michael Fassbender would be the new Steve Jobs, among a number of other interesting casting decisions.

Reports indicate that so far they've filmed at Steve Jobs' childhood garage in Los Altos, a restaurant in Berkeley, and now in Cupertino near Apple's headquarters. The De Anza College, where these photos were taken, is where Apple introduced the first Macintosh.

It's a good thing Michael Fassbender is a damn fine actor; he looks nothing like Steve Jobs. [Motroman (Twitter) via The Verge, Cult of Mac]


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