Your First Peek At Simon Pegg's New Alien Comedy

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New site Bleeding Cool reviewed the script for the new Simon Pegg comedy Paul and, while the review stayed away from spoilers, it did show some actual script, and offered advice on how to possibly appear in the movie.

Rich Johnston's review was an unqualified thumbs-up, calling the script,

chock full of gags, bursting at the seams. Comedy of repetition, plenty of pull-back-and-reveals and overflowing pop cultural references including one Back To The Future gag that had me gasping for breath I laughed so hard. But these references aren't surface, they are used to describe the relationships that the characters have with each other. Why use words to explain how you feel, when you can just find a common episode of Star Trek that does the job a lot more effectively. It's honest, it's true, yes it's mocking but in a way that both validadates and celebrates both the actual reality and the often unrealised potential of the geek lifestyle. Damn it if the screenplay isn't moving and poignant in places. But mostly it's Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revisiting their past screen partnership performances, the friends who know each other so well, forgive the other's eccentricities as their own are forgiven and would likely die for each other. As long as they were trying to Capture the Flag. No one does bromance like these boys.


It also offered this introduction to the two main characters, literally taken from the script itself:


Johnston added that the movie will be shooting at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, along with his hope to be a background geek. Now I'm wondering if we can organize some kind of unofficial invasion of the shoot at the con...

Preview: PAUL Screenplay By Simon Pegg And Nick Frost [Bleeding Cool]