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Your Instagram Feed Is Now on the Web

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Instagram feed that you look at constantly on your phone is now on the web. In recent months, Instagram has made it possible to view photos and profiles online, but that glorious feed available through the app has remained chained to your mobile device. Get psyched, because that's changing.

When you head over to, you'll now be able to access the feed of photos from people you follow on Instagram. You'll still need a mobile app to upload photos, though.


With the exception of uploads, the new interface works and looks exactly the way the feed on the mobile app; it's a vertical stack of photos arranged in reverse chronological order. Each photo shows the avatar of the person who took it, timestamp information, as well as all the likes and comments underneath. Instead of the infinite scroll you use on your phone, the web feed has a "load more" button.

It's been obvious that Instagram would turn into more of a desktop-friendly service since Facebook acquired it last year for $1 billion. Still, this newly launched desktop version of the service doesn't do anything new. It all looks very sparse. The big question that remains is how long it will take Facebook-Instagram to pollute the glorious simplicity of your feed with ads. [Instagram]