Inspired by the strong steel I-beams used in the construction of towering skyscrapers, Japanese design studio Nendo started with that simple design, but then warped it into one of the most beautiful looking rocking horses you’ve ever seen.

The use of clear plastic makes the H-Horse almost invisible, but it’s still strong enough to support the weight of a toddler as they ride off into an imaginary sunset. For parents who want a nursery decorated to look like a baby’s room photographed for a magazine, this is a must-have accessory. Just keep in mind that one day it will end up covered in fingerprints, slobber, and peanut butter.


Designed specifically for Kartell, it’s safe to assume this rocking horse isn’t going to be as reasonably priced as toys from Playskool or Fisher Price are. It will almost certainly cost a small fortune, which means you probably won’t want your kids ever actually touching it.

[Nendo via designboom]

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