Your Minifig Magic Could Get a Lego: The Movie Cameo

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You're never going to be a movie star, but with a little luck, maybe your Lego bricks can be. Thanks to a new contest for the upcoming blockbuster, Lego: The Movie, you've got a shot at your own 15-30 seconds of vicarious stardom.


At some point in the upcoming film, minifigs across the globe will find themselves preparing to fight off some sort of mysterious power in an epic battle. You know, movie stuff. And making use of their modular surroundings, the 'figs will disassemble their environments, and re-make them into crazy, jet-bot-dragon-mechs, or something. If you can put together your own totally awesome 15-30 second clip in that vein, it could wind up in the film.


To submit, you just have to upload the clip to YouTube, bookmark it on Lego's ReBrick building challenge page, and adhere to a few understandable-yet-lame rules like no licensed characters (sorry Batman). You can find the ins and outs of the rules over at Lego. Submissions will be accepted until May 6th, with winners announced on the 20th, even thought the film itself isn't out until Februrary of 2014. But if you've been aching to see your take on a jet-boat-dragon-mech on the big screen, here's your chance. Get building.

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When I was a lad, this was the ultimate idea for a movie for me. After I saw Toy Story, I immediately wanted Pixar to make a Lego exclusive movie. Hopefully I'll be getting some sort of compensation for coming up with this idea when I was 8.