Twitter is now letting you add a header photo to your profile—it's a lovely new feature that seems like it draws a little inspiration from the large banner photo you get with Facebook Timeline.

Twitter has long leaned on Instagram to be its photo muscle, but now that Facebook owns the old filter factory, Twitter has to step its game up. Which is why all three Twitter mobile apps—iPhone, iPad, and Android—have been updated to support the new header pic. Here's how to add yours now:


And there are a few other aspects to the refresh. For iPhone and Android there's now something called a photo stream, so if you only want to swipe through someone's pictures, you do that. Twitter for iPad is new too—now it has in-line expansion for photos and videos. These updates feel a little similar to those other Twitter clients you know and love, but considering the way Twitter has been treating those third-parties, it's no surprise they're updating their own apps with these features. [Twitter]