Your Writers Strike TV Guide

With the WGA writers strike in full swing, we're sure that some families are going hungry. And the subsequent complete staff layoffs are a miserable by-product of corporate greed. But the biggest losers? Those without health insurance anything to watch on their 50-inch flatscreen televisions...those who could hear a pin drop over the silence of their surround sound. Here's a rundown of how many of our favorite shows are left (along with several that are dead in the water):


Zero Episodes Left


The Family Guy

The Office

1 Episode Left


Pushing Daisies

3 Episodes Left




4 Episodes Left

30 Rock

7 Episodes Left

Boston Legal

10 Episodes Remain

Battlestar Galactica (SUHWEET!). Episode 11 was planned to be a Ronald D. Moore- directed pile of awesome (NOOOO!).

Unlimited Episodes Left

Dancing With The Stars - TACKY, they are continuing without writers. Because of BBC connection maybe?


For a complete list of dying television, hit this link: [brentevans via zatz]

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