It's only a couple more weeks until The Flash lands on The CW - and we're pretty excited for it. But if you were looking forward to having the TV version of Barry Allen kicking around on your shelf or on your desk... you'll be waiting a while. A while that's totally inappropriate for a toy based on the fastest man alive.

DC unveiled it's host of 2015 toy solicitations for preorder today, among them this fabulous 6.75" scale figure of Grant Gustin's Flash:

It's a really nice figure, capturing not just the look of the show's suit brilliantly, but Gustin himself. But why on earth is it not coming out until April 2015, far after The Flash's first season has ended, instead of, you know... when it's on TV and people are excited about the Flash?


What makes it more bizarre is the fact that the same figure was given a sneak presale at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year to tie in with The CW's screening of the Pilot episode at the Convention. So instead of having a Flash figure out when The Flash is running on TV (and hopefully continuing to be as good as it looks), toy fans can only get themselves a mini Barry Allen of their own either months before the show is on, or months after. Bravo, DC. Bravo.

[Image via Action Figure Insider]

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