Nate Silver, stats wiz and predictor-extraordinaire, has set his mathematical mind on something a little sexier than the electoral college: sex. His findings? If you want to do that (sex), go out on a Wednesday. Why? Data explains!

Silver teamed up with sexual data treasure drove OK Cupid, and singled out Wednesday as your best shot of getting it on with some stranger you meet at a bar. Why? OK Cupid's mobile app provided raw data showing that singles take to the streets on Wednesday nights above all others, and that these same people tend to be more interested in an adventurous fling (as described in their profile). So, spend your weekend cleaning and finishing that novel, because Wednesday is the new time to hop on the O-train. INTERNET DATA SAYS SO. [NYT via The Awl, Photo: Shutterstock/Yuri Arcurs]


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