YouTube Is Finally Serving Video at 60 Frames Per Second

YouTube is about to get smoother: Google has announced that its video site is getting support for videos running at 48-and-60 frames-per-second. Slick.

To take advantage of those higher frame rates, video will need to be at 1080p resolution—and you'll also have to watch videos at that definition to view 48 or 60 fps too. There's a sample video at the bottom of this post, so you can decide for yourself if you think it's a good idea. But here's a spoiler: it is. It really, really is.


Elsewhere, YouTube is getting a few more subtle tweaks, too: customizable, prettier-looking annotation cards; a new tip jar system; and user submissions for translations and captions. Oh, and 7,500 royalty-free sound effects and background music tracks which anyone can add to their videos.They're available right now if you want to give them a try. [ YouTube via Engadget]

Image by Rego Korosi under Creative Commons license

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