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YouTube's Craziest Inventor Built a Giant Sword-Launching Slingshot

Amateur life-risker Joerg Sprave has successfully built custom slingshots capable of firing everything from bowling balls, to Christmas trees, to lethal Lego bricks. His latest creation, a slingshot that can launch full-size swords, is as ludicrous-sounding as it is awesome to see in action.


Sprave’s slingshots are mostly built from wood, but the giant elastics needed to propel a sword that can weigh upwards of four pounds resulted in a weapon that was on the brink of destroying itself before it was actually fired. If Sprave has any plans of one-upping this creation, which seems to be his obsession, he’s going to need to switch to something other than lumber for his home brew arsenal.


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Thanks, Joerge, but we don’t really need that.