Zack Snyder to Host Watchmen Screening Over BD Live

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Warner Bros is super, super smart about marketing their Blu-ray discs. First they had Christopher Nolan host a community screening for The Dark Knight. Now director Zack Snyder will do the same for Watchmen.

The Watchmen BD comes out July 21, then Zack Snyder will host a community screening (allowing viewers to watch the movie along with his live commentary on their Blu-ray players) during Comic-Con on July 25. Is the experience worth the price of the disc alone? Definitely not. But if you're a big Watchmen fan, the screening is certainly a nice bonus if you're already purchasing the Blu-ray on day of release. I just wonder if Snyder's bladder is heartier than Nolan's. Place your bets on pee breaks now. And remember, Watchmen is a long movie, too. [Video Business via engadgetHD]