Zacod's "3-axis" Touchpad Concept Should Stay A Concept

Illustration for article titled Zacods 3-axis Touchpad Concept Should Stay A Concept

Zacod's new concept touchpad is sporting its unique "3-axis" design, which originally debuted on cell phones and turned QWERTY keys into three-way joystick rockers. The PDA version has been adjusted to the stylus typing method; selecting a letter brings up a circular wheel of other possible letters and you drag/drop them into place.


Reinventing the wheel has allowed users to create text messages (such as the poetry pictured above) at sloth-like speeds while maximizing the frustration factor. Hey iPhone speed typists, see how fast you can jumble a bunch of letters together on one of these! [AVING]

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QWERTY was invented as a means to slowly type using two hands on keys large enough for a finger to rest on. Why must we be forced to use it on every single device?

I remember playing with the Fitaly keyboard ([]) on my old Palm, and it worked incredibly well when using just the stylus. If only some company were brave enough to use a touch-screen keyboard that was actually designed for use on a touch screen!