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The Google+ Local iPhone app mysteriously disappeared from the App Store this past Friday—and now we know why. The Google-owned Zagat has just released a new app for both iPhone and Android today, all coming in Google's new card-based UI.


What does it do?

With the disappearance of the Google+ Local iPhone app, Zagat's new app is doing pretty much everything it needs to fill the void. Both the Android and iPhone versions offer Zagat reviews and summaries, directions to restaurants and night spots via Google Maps, news and videos from editors, and curated lists varying by city.


Why do we like it?

Most notably, this is the first time that all the Zagat content you need comes to users on all platforms with free—and without any prior registration. Right now, the update will only be hitting Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York PHiladelphia, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and London. About 50 more cities (both US and international) should be getting the new and improved app soon, though. And falling in line with Google's recent attempts to streamline their products across all platforms, both the website and the apps feature the same, card-based UI and all offer the same information. It's a free, personalized experience that you can get at home and on the go. The only thing we wish the app had was a capacity to accept user reviews, but plenty of other apps exist for that.

Zagat, Download this app for: iOS, Android; Free

The Best: Free reviews

The Worst: No user submitted reviews or tips


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