Zelda Fanatic Controls His Dang House With an Ocarina

OK, you think you like the Legend of Zelda? You don’t. Not compared to this guy. His entire goddamn house is ocarina-operated now, and if he forgets to bring a plastic toy instrument with him he’s probably locked out. So suck on that, I guess.

In all seriousness, this is a really impressive and complicated build. The Raspberry Pi-based system is able to recognize a variety of tunes from Zelda games, all of which correspond to different actions like unlocking the front door, turning up the thermostat, flipping the lights on, or watering some house plants via a little pump mechanism. There’s wifi-enabled modules spread all around, so the Song of the Sun will fill the house with light no matter what room it’s being played in.

Other than having to carry around an ocarina always and forever, my main concern would be forgetting and/or mixing up songs and overwatering the plants while I’m just trying to get the door unlocked. But hey, that’s what separates the real fans from the casuals.


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Well, begin the countdown until someone figures out where he lives and heads over there with an ocarina.