I've been hung up on multi-monitor setups lately. Who can blame me? More pixels generally mean more productivity. Unless you're talking about the Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD, which equates to orgasmic bliss of the computing variety. There's a 30-inch LCD in the center, at a full 2560 by 1600 res, with four 20-inch displays, in portrait, surrounding it like so many perfect petals.


That's nearly 12,000,000 pixels. And, this setup even has HDCP compliance, so it can play HD video from next gen discs. I would watch an HD movie in each, if I could find a rig with the balls to do that. The Phillips LCD-based system is only $5,000. That's like the price of your first born's first month in Ivy league school.

Is this the most gorgeous monitor array ever? If you've found something nicer, send it on into tips@giz.

Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD [Zenview]

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