Zombie Cutting Boards Are Possibly The Most College Thing Ever

We're now past the first week of October, which is traditionally right about the time that college students realize that they might need more in their kitchen than an endless supply of Solo cups. If you're on the hunt for a chopping board to do some actual cooking on (or just to lower the tone a little further), these undead chopping boards should just about do it.

The brain child of Dave Stencil, the boards come in four different woods, with your choice of zombie laser-etched into the surface. If you genuinely want to terrify your guests, you can also get a cheese/bread board in the charming shape of a meat cleaver. Prices run from $35 to $50 delivered, depending on the board type and wood. That's a little steep for a regular chopping board, but for a handcrafted testament to your immaturity, it's quite reasonable. [Kickstarter]


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