Zune 1 Getting New Firmware, Features

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Engadget's claiming that the Zune 2 is coming on Wednesday and bringing a firmware upgrade for your original Zune along for the ride. As you can see from the picture, firmware version 2.1 is clearly running on the old hardware, and is most likely going to make it forward-compatible with the second-gen. Whether this means your current Zune will get all the new Zune's features is uncertain and unlikely, but it probably means the two can at least talk to each other. [Engadget]



Lol turned battery meter. Awesome. I looks better that way!

I hope something real cool comes. I'll update my first gen then get that second gen.

It'll be cool. I hope. And I can finally clap at a Microsoft "Innovation" (Why don't they just come out and say "all we want is money". Every company is like that. Even Apple.)