Zune 2 Launch: Excited?

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Until yesterday, Tthe Zune 2 Launch was kept under extremely tight wraps. That's all and well if you like sticking to plans, but the lack of any leaked info seems to have hurt the overall effort. Maybe leaks are better publicity than a random news/image drop with little prior warning. Also, it appears the October 3rd launch, which we've also confirmed, will happen at midnight when everyone is sleeping. My question? Oh yes: Who cares about the new Zune? I do, but not nearly as much as I cared about Zune 1. (Here's how to comment.)

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I hope that Microsoft actually goes somewhere with this thing, because it will force Apple to constantly try and add more to the device, and more importantly, it would sway their thinking when it comes to the whole proprietary bingo of accessory support (video lock-in). As much of an Apple fan I may be, there are times when Apple needs incentive to relent on their stubbornness and deliver what others, not they, really want.