Zune 2 Price

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Early unconfirmed reports are claiming that the new second-generation Zune, or Zune 2, is going to cost $249 for the 80GB version, $199 for the 8GB, and $149 for the 4GB. As for features, there are rumors of wireless syncing and DRM-free music, but nothing confirmed yet. Compared to the iPods, these Zunes are pretty much the exact same price. The 80GB iPod classic is $249, while the iPod nanos are $149 and $199. And if you look at the old Zunes, you can get one anywhere from $165 to $184 depending on color if you look on Amazon. [King via ZuneScene]




I need the specs. The only reason i never bothered looking at the first zune, other than the fat guy with the Zune tattoos([gizmodo.com]), is because it was so bulky. If the Zune 2 is slimmed down, IF, i might consider just a little bit the zune over the ipod or sandisk.