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Zunescene's reporting that they know about three upcoming features for the new Zunes courtesy of a reliable source. All the Zunes, including the old 30GB first-gen, will get wireless syncing.


Zune Marketplace—the Zune version of iTunes—will get videos, more music and podcasts. The 80GB is thinner than the current Zune and has a generous 3.2-inch screen as well. And that new square/circle control? That's called the "Zune Pad". To be clear, this is all rumored until the official announcement comes down from Microsoft. [Zune Scene]

Update: Silicon Alley Insider says Microsoft will be adding DRM-free music into Zune Marketplace. They're not sure how many labels will be into this, but it might be EMI and Universal, seeing as they're already into the DRM-free game.

Update 2: Local news station KING 5 seems to be going off some AP release that's meant to be embargoed until later, but says that yes, there's three models, a black 80GB, and a pink/green/black/red 4 and 8GB flash-based. They confirm the Wi-Fi syncing as well. [King5]


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