Zune 2 Getting Wireless Syncing, DRM-Free Music, Video Downloads, Colors

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Zunescene's reporting that they know about three upcoming features for the new Zunes courtesy of a reliable source. All the Zunes, including the old 30GB first-gen, will get wireless syncing.


Zune Marketplace—the Zune version of iTunes—will get videos, more music and podcasts. The 80GB is thinner than the current Zune and has a generous 3.2-inch screen as well. And that new square/circle control? That's called the "Zune Pad". To be clear, this is all rumored until the official announcement comes down from Microsoft. [Zune Scene]

Update: Silicon Alley Insider says Microsoft will be adding DRM-free music into Zune Marketplace. They're not sure how many labels will be into this, but it might be EMI and Universal, seeing as they're already into the DRM-free game.

Update 2: Local news station KING 5 seems to be going off some AP release that's meant to be embargoed until later, but says that yes, there's three models, a black 80GB, and a pink/green/black/red 4 and 8GB flash-based. They confirm the Wi-Fi syncing as well. [King5]



1.think of the podcast scenario. You subscribe to a podcast, you go home , your zune senses the wifi network at your home/any other place and automatically syncs it.

2.think of wifi playlist sharing (possible feature) where you subscribe to a friend's playlist. you go home/any other wifi place and your zune automatically syncs the playlist to include the songs that your friend is listening to. If you havent purchased any of the songs in the playlist, then zune will let you play it three times and will make you purchase it if you want to over wifi

3. think of sharing photos with friends and family(pretty self explanatory)

Mark my words, it will be only a matter of time before Apply implements (cough cough copies) this features in iPods.