Zune Hits 2 Million Sales, Drinks Creative's Milkshake

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Industry numbers group NPD has just confirmed that Microsoft's Zune's sold 2 million units, just slightly under one year after it sold its first million. Where is Microsoft getting the marketshare for the extra million? Mostly from Creative, who dropped from 4% marketshare to 2% from Q1 '07 to Q1 '08. Apple's also gone down from 72% to 71%, so there might be some defectors in the fruit squad as well. Total marketshare for Microsoft now stands at a decent 4%. [PMP Today via Tech Digest]


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Zune is the new Mac. How exciting.

Microsoft could dramatically change their market-share if they could sign a license agreement to use iTunes. Sure, Apple would never agree to it (since that is the reason people buy the iPod), but it would finally make this comparison software-neutral. Until then, Microsoft can enjoy their single-digit market share.