Zune Social Gets Updates, Paste-able Profiles

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The Zune Social, Zune's social networking site, just got a slight upgrade yesterday. Besides general stability and performance enhancements, there's navigation improvements that let you remove friends and view song and album information in send dialogues. The coolest thing is the Zune Gadgets page, which lets you embed a profile card (much like the Xbox Live gamercard) that shows the last few albums and artists you listend to. [ZuneInsider]


I wish it was only the meta data problem.. I can solve that easily with any other program.

The Zune firmware (apparently the one in new Zunes) don't hibernate well. They keep wasting battery even when "sleeping". Today I had to use my cell phone to listen to music since my Zune was dead.

The software keeps syncing my music over and over so I had to change a lot of my files and delete the songs manually in Windows Explorer since the software doesn't list them as repeated.

To top them all... half of the music I bought on the marketplace say that I have an invalid license... gotta love DRM.

Have fun!