Zune Sold Early At Bay Area Best Buy

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if you're near Union City, you may want to stop by their Best Buy today and pick yourself up a Microsoft Zune a few days early. A reader writes:

By coincidence i got my hands early on an Microsoft Zune, bought as a regular customer at BestBuy in Union City Landing shopping centre. They dont seem to care that the release day is next tuesday. I dont know [how many more they have], but they talked about it as if they had alot more where those came from. I also asked the salesmen why he was selling it to me now, even tho the official release date is tuesday. He said: "The Microsoft Zune is featured in the current ad. The company rules state that things that are advertised in the ad must also be sold if the opportunity is there"


Sounds good to us. The software isn't working yet (the Zune Marketplace isn't live until launch), but you can go ahead and load your own music on it first.

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MS should hire some new employees to camp out in front of potential Zune users' homes...

oh and @ mnerd: Zune is huge!