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Zune Tattoo Guy Legally Changing His Name to 'Microsoft Zune,' is Clearly Insane

Illustration for article titled Zune Tattoo Guy Legally Changing His Name to Microsoft Zune, is Clearly Insane

Zune Tattoo guy, the Lothario who's made small, small waves in the blogosphere for getting Zune tattoos on both arms, has a real name: Steven Smith. The issue is, no one cares, and they all just call him Zune Tattoo Guy. Well, he wants to make it easier for us to make fun of him, so he's legally changing his name to Microsoft Zune. No joke. Sure, it'll be embarrassing for him now, but just imagine what his life will be like in 15 years when nobody can remember what the Zune was. Awkward! [ZuneScene via GadgetLab]


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golferal - pataflaflas FTW

From the looks of this guy, at least we won't have to worry about there being a Mrs. Zune or little Microsoft Zune Juniors running around.

On a side note, I wonder if anyone has changed their name to "Apple iPod"? Would they be equally as lame?