Zune Upgrade Plan Rumor Isn't as Sensational as It Sounds

Lately, wild rumors have dominated the Zune conversation. But what about the regular old player? The one that actually exists? Look! Someone's talking about it: behold the utterly believable Zune Upgrade Plan, as reported and/or theorized by ZuneScene.

According to their sources, starting in June, current Zune owners will be able to "upgrade" to a current unit at a discounted price. Discounted by how much? This much:


As you can see, these are pretty deep cuts, and, if true, would be an awfully nice gesture to loyal Zune fans. The upgrade plan, should it actually happen, will need to be requested on the Zune support line, though you shouldn't call them to ask for it now any more than you should call their sales line to ask for a Zune Phone HD. [ZuneScene]

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