Lenovo K900 Hands-On: This Tall, Skinny Hottie Needs to Get In My Pants

The Lenovo K900 is a big phone, yes, but it's a designy big phone. It's handsome, skinny, and slick like the finest smartphones ever made. We never thought we would be into a 5.5-inch phone until the K900's brushed metal back landed in our hands. » 1/08/13 10:33pm 1/08/13 10:33pm

Intel's Tablet Answer: Atom, Evolved

Intel's inability to crack the mobile market has been a growing blemish on their record, an increasingly sore spot that's seen the processor giant sit out the biggest new product category since the laptop. Sure, there have been tablets with Intel inside, but they've been solidly second-rate battery suckers. So how… » 4/11/11 11:00am 4/11/11 11:00am

Boxee Box is "More Solid" Than Logitech's Google TV Box and "Rivals"…

So it's shipping, and will support Netflix and Hulu Plus before the end of the year, but what's actually inside D-Link's Boxee Box? iFixit found "build quality that rivals Apple's [TV]," and "is much more solid than the Logitech Revue." » 11/11/10 5:15am 11/11/10 5:15am

Pre-Order the Boxee Box Today, Now With Intel Atom Guts

The Boxee Box is really, finally on its way, and you'll be able to pre-order it today for $200. One quick switch-up before they're out the door: the boxes will house Intel Atom processors instead of NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipsets. » 9/13/10 11:07am 9/13/10 11:07am

The Annual Return From the Dead of the Commodore Brand

The Commodore name still just about lives on, even though the original owners have long since left the factory. The latest product to carry the once-great computing name is the PC64—an all-in-one Atom PC in a C64 case. » 8/27/10 5:00am 8/27/10 5:00am

Dual Core Atom Processors Now Adding a Little Pep to Netbooks

Intel's promised dual-core Atom processors are finally coming to a netbook near you. The N550 will help battery life a bit, and may improve 720p video playback, but by all accounts it's not going to magically turn netbooks into fully functional PCs. Still, you're getting DDR3 memory and easier Hulu watching—two things… » 8/23/10 12:59pm 8/23/10 12:59pm

CeBIT Remainders: 8 Reasons We Didn't Go

Every year, Hanover, Germany hosts hordes of tech journalists, analysts, and PR people for CeBIT. It's like CES, sort of, except further away, and more boring. We decided not to go this year; it ends tomorrow. Here's what we missed! » 3/05/10 9:00pm 3/05/10 9:00pm

Are Nokia and Intel Working on a Chip Together?

Both companies are dropping clues that Nokia and Intel are working on a new mobile chip—a move that could solve serious problems for both. Intel and Nokia's love affair, it seems, is bigger than Meego. » 2/18/10 1:12pm 2/18/10 1:12pm

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Shout It Out Edition

In today's Remainders: shouting! Fox News has been clamoring about Verizon and the iPad for a while, and today they kept on clamoring; an indie video game you control by screaming; a robot that listens for your commands; and more. » 2/01/10 6:21pm 2/01/10 6:21pm

Next-Generation Intel Atom Processors: Smaller, More Efficient, Not…

Intel revealed its new line of Atom processors today, including the "Pineview" nettop-centered ones we saw benchmarked earlier. What do they have to offer? A smaller footprint, better efficiency, and not a lot more power. » 12/21/09 12:01am 12/21/09 12:01am

Netbooks: What You Need to Know About the Next 6 Months

A bunch of great netbook upgrades are on the way—next-gen Intel processors in January; smooth HD video playback—but to spare you the brain hemorrhage of keeping track, we've laid it all out. Here's what you need to know. » 12/04/09 12:00pm 12/04/09 12:00pm

Atom Processors To Get the 32nm Treatment in 2011

Attention, people who like to maintain a complete mental taxonomy of every processor: Cedar Trail has been outed as the new Atom platform for 2011, with the name Cedarview going to the processor itself. Along with 32nm fabrication, some goodies: » 11/20/09 12:19pm 11/20/09 12:19pm

Latest Snow Leopard Developer Build Breaks Hackintosh Support... Again

Enough with the back and forth already, Apple. If you're going to kill Atom support then just kill it. Don't toy with us, taking and giving like some sort of merciless god. » 11/07/09 6:30pm 11/07/09 6:30pm

Rumor: Select Intel Atom CPU Netbooks to Be Allowed 2GB RAM

Leaks from the Pine Trail roadmap from Intel suggest that going forward, certain Atom processors may be allowed 2 gigs of RAM, a jump from the previous 1 gigabyte max instituted by Intel as a measure to prevent cannibalization between netbooks and processors in middle tiers. According to Fudzilla, the 1.83 GHz N470… » 10/28/09 3:20am 10/28/09 3:20am

VIA And ARM Still Trying to Beat Intel Atom And Get Inside Netbook…

Intel's Atom processor is found in virtually every netbook, but others are still trying to get inside your mini-laptop. Independently, ARM and VIA are showing improved chips, but both won't touch what Intel has in store. » 9/16/09 10:10am 9/16/09 10:10am

Samsung X Series Ultraportables Can't Beat Sony's X

Sony impressed yesterday with its .55 inch thin X Series and 24 hours later Samsung is out with its own X Series. The Sammys look good at under an inch thick but they've got nothing on Sony's thin ass. » 9/03/09 9:30am 9/03/09 9:30am

MSI Confirms Wind U150 Netbook with Touchscreen and Intel's Next Atom

We heard that MSI may release a touchscreen netbook with Intel's next generation Pine Trail Atom platform, and it will. According to MSI, the new Intel Atom chipset is planned to be officially launched at CES. » 8/25/09 8:00pm 8/25/09 8:00pm

Toshiba NB205 Netbook Gets 8 and a Half Hours of Real-Time Battery Life

10-inch, Atom-based netbooks tend to blend together in the mind, as they all have similar specs and similar designs. But when you can boast an insane 8.5 hour battery life in real-world conditions, we sit up and take notice. » 6/17/09 2:00am 6/17/09 2:00am

Computex Spawns Hellish "MID Phone" Phenomenon

New device categories almost invariably fall between preexisting ones. Sometimes they find a useful niche, like netbooks. Other times, they seem like obsessive compulsive attempts to fill a tiny, intentional gap in the spectrum of consumer electronics. Like MID phones! » 6/04/09 6:57am 6/04/09 6:57am

Mobile Chipsets: WTF Are Atom, Tegra and Snapdragon?

Low-power processors aren't just for netbooks: These computers-on-a-chip are going to be powering our smartphones and other diminutive gadgets in the forseeable future. So what's the difference between the Atoms, Snapdragons and Tegras of the world? » 6/03/09 2:20pm 6/03/09 2:20pm