What happens when you drop a can of Coke into liquid nitrogen

It’s going to freeze obviously. But there’s this awesome possibility that the soda can will split in half and start spewing an explosion of almost frozen Coca Cola into the surrounding liquid nitrogen. Once it does that, the exploded coke looks like it has been stopped in time, the soda has frozen into art… »6/15/15 9:28pm6/15/15 9:28pm

Indestructible hockey puck survives liquid nitrogen and hot nickel ball

Boom... and nothing. A hockey puck doesn’t break when you freeze it in liquid nitrogen and then smash it with a hammer or drop an 80 pound weight on it. But that’s because hockey pucks are meant for the cold, right!? Well, even if you go the opposite way and try to torch it with the vaunted red hot nickel ball, the… »6/10/15 11:43pm6/10/15 11:43pm

Super-Cooled Nickel Ball Is Even Better Than Red Hot Nickel Ball

The red-hot nickel ball is our all-time favorite destroyer of basically anything on the planet, transforming everything from Velveeta to Peeps into sticky, bubbling cauldrons of processed-chemical goo. Now the ball is rolling in the other direction with a liquid nitrogen-cooled nickel ball that's up to all sorts of… »11/13/14 2:08pm11/13/14 2:08pm

Mad chemist uses liquid nitrogen instead of ice water in ALS challenge

Moe Qureshi—a chemist at the University of Toronto—gave his ALS bucket challenge a shocking twist when he decided to use liquid nitrogen instead of ice. I would be terrified just by the thought of pouring liquid over my head at -321°F (-196ºC), but Moe survived the challenge unscathed—thanks to science. »9/01/14 3:08pm9/01/14 3:08pm

Here's liquid nitrogen turning into solid nitrogen in an extreme vacuum

What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber? It turns solid. And then it snows. As the vacuum lowers the pressure in the chamber, it decreases the boiling point of the liquid nitrogen which means the nitrogen boils faster. But! The boiling liquid nitrogen is also evaporating which cools itself which… »6/25/14 9:21pm6/25/14 9:21pm

The Futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Machine That Makes Ice Cream To Order

Despite the warm wood and cheery red accents, Smitten Ice Cream can feel a bit like a mad scientist's shop. There's the industrial-sized tank of liquid nitrogen that greets you inside the entrance of its new flagship location in Oakland. And there's the billowing clouds of nitrogen when the stainless steel ice cream… »3/26/14 5:20pm3/26/14 5:20pm

Watch Flowers Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Get Smashed in Slow Motion

If you're a human, you've probably always been fascinated with liquid nitrogen. The freezing temperature. The sweet smoking effect. Hell, even the container that held liquid nitrogen was cool. And if you combine liquid nitrogen with slow motion, things get even better. Watch flowers and fruit get dipped into liquid… »6/14/13 9:00pm6/14/13 9:00pm

Freeze Your Target In Its Tracks With a Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Wired had a chance to play with what looks like one of the most entertaining but dangerous-looking contraptions you can easily get your hands on. Designed for use by responsible professionals like doctors, researchers, and even avant-garde chefs, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 is capable of firing a blast of liquid nitrogen »5/27/13 6:00pm5/27/13 6:00pm

A Girl's Stomach Was Removed Because She Drank a Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

When you're celebrating your birthday, it's completely normal to get a little crazy! Everybody does it. So you have to feel sorry for poor Gaby Scanlon, a British teenager, who ended her 18th birthday night with an emergency operation to remove her stomach. What? It's because she drank a cocktail that had liquid… »10/08/12 10:00pm10/08/12 10:00pm

What Happens When You Combine Liquid Nitrogen with 1500 Ping Pong Balls?

A massive explosion, bro. That's what you get. If you want to fast forward to the good parts, I'd suggest starting somewhere around 3:45. Though to be honest, hearing Professor Roy Lowry of Plymouth talk about the explosive potential of liquid nitrogen in its gaseous state is pretty damn interesting. [YouTube via … »9/25/12 1:00am9/25/12 1:00am