This Snap-On Case Gives the iPhone 6 Bona Fide Night Vision

Once the original iPhone was opened up to third-party apps, it added an incredible amount of additional functionality to the device. But apps can only do so much, sometimes you also need to expand a smartphone's hardware too. So like with the FLIR case that gave the iPhone Predator-like heat vision, the NVC promises… » 12/01/14 12:38pm 12/01/14 12:38pm

The Four-Eyed Night Vision Goggles that Helped Take Down Bin Laden

When Seal Team Six kicked in the front door of Al Qaeda's top brass back in 2011, you can be sure they didn't spend any time looking for a light switch. Not when they had these cutting-edge, panoramic night vision goggles in front of their faces. » 11/05/14 11:40am 11/05/14 11:40am

A New Graphene Sensor Will Let Us See Through Walls

Remember all those amazing things graphene can supposedly do? Well, the wonder material is starting to do them. A team of researchers from the University of Maryland recently developed a graphene-based sensor that lets people see through walls. Obviously, they want to make goggles with it. » 9/09/14 12:25pm 9/09/14 12:25pm

A Revolutionary Night Vision Camera That Lets You See in Full Color

The dark green and black images typically produced by a night vision camera have become synonymous with the technology—to the point where it's even used in movies any time covert surveillance is implied. But a Japanese company called Komamura has developed a new kind of night vision camera that captures full color… » 2/17/14 9:20am 2/17/14 9:20am

A Tiny Night Vision Camera That Lets Your Smartphone See In the Dark

If you've tried any of the countless smartphone apps that promise to turn your phone's camera into night vision goggles, you already know they're all snake oil. If you really want your device to see in the dark, you need a more sensitive sensor and a healthy blast of invisible infrared light, which the Snooperscope » 12/18/13 9:43am 12/18/13 9:43am

This Could Be the World's Smallest Night Vision Camera

When you're creeping outside someone's bedroom at night trying to get shots of them sleeping, the last thing you need to deal with is a bulky pair of night vision goggles. So stalkers of the world rejoice; JTT has designed what looks like the smallest night vision camera ever that lets you stay as inconspicuous as… » 4/02/13 10:10am 4/02/13 10:10am

DARPA Want Their Smart Phones to Rock Thermal Cameras

Night vision is cool. It's also incredibly useful, too, which is why the US military is funding a project that will make it cheap enough to feature on your phone. » 12/12/11 4:40am 12/12/11 4:40am

This Weird Camera Lens Make Your Camera Look Like An Anti-Matter Gun

Right: Tactical Solutions' Nightstalker II night vision lens attached to a Nikon D700. It's used by some US military photographers to take night action shots like the one on the left. It also makes the camera look like an actual weapon. » 12/04/11 3:30pm 12/04/11 3:30pm


As far as superpowers go, the ability to see in the dark isn't generally very high on peoples' lists. Suckas! It's awesome. And useful! The FLIR Scout TS-Series gives you those superpowers, Mr. Wayne. » 11/25/11 2:00pm 11/25/11 2:00pm

A Terrifying Look at the Scariest Haunted House Ever

Modern haunted houses don't feature rubber bats and bowls full of peeled grapes masquerading as eyeballs, they screw with your phobias and recreate nightmares. I thought that going through with a thermal cam would be less unnerving. Wrongo. » 10/17/11 10:42am 10/17/11 10:42am

The Secret Future of Night Vision Tech

Even as an aging tech, night vision is still pretty awesome. But Wired's Noah Shachtman got a rare up-close look at the bleeding edge night vision tech that's in the field and being developed behind closed doors, like über-sensitive digital thermal overlays, maps, mugshots, and footage—all streamed to a single… » 9/14/11 10:20am 9/14/11 10:20am

Night Vision Is Finally Awesome Again (Yes, Even Though These Goggles…

Night vision is one of those technologies we instinctively think is all high tech, but after 30-plus years, it's a bit rough around the edges. SA Photonics' new Hi-Res Night Vision System brings it back up to speed. » 4/20/11 4:00pm 4/20/11 4:00pm

This Night-Vision Camera Sees Color

Cameras that can see in the dark are nothing special. But how much detail can you really get from that fuzzy, green, Buffalo Bill-o-vision? The Color Night Vision Camera, though, can reproduce red, blue, and green even through the pitch black darkness, using the magic of infrared. » 3/03/11 8:40am 3/03/11 8:40am

Tokyo Flash's "Night Vision" Watch Might Be Their Most Readable Yet

There are just 26 days left for people to vote on whether the Night Vision concept watch should be put into production. I vote YES, if only because it's their easiest-reading yet. Don't believe me? Check it out: » 8/12/10 7:40am 8/12/10 7:40am

New Inexpensive Material Will Turn Night Into Day

The University of Florida—funded by DARPA—has found a film-thin material that will add inexpensive, lightweight night vision to everything, from gadgets to cameras to car windshields. The key was in the same technology that powers OLED displays. » 4/26/10 10:00pm 4/26/10 10:00pm

I Would Like an HTC Think+ In My Car—If My Car Wasn't the Subway

The HTC Think+—which is integrated in the new Luxgen 7 MPV car—may look simple in its interface, but it has so many features built-in that it will make you feel like you are driving the Batmobile. » 8/24/09 2:50pm 8/24/09 2:50pm

AstroScope: Night Vision For Your Nikon or Canon DSLR

The AstroScope 9350 night-vision image intensifier mounts between camera and lens to make dark scenes (below 10-4 lux) easily photographable. The EOS-P and NIKS-P models are for Canon EOS and Nikon AF cameras, and are powered by the camera's battery. » 8/11/09 7:45am 8/11/09 7:45am

Second Gen EyeClops Night Vision Goggles Cheaper, Better, and Still…

Our chief complaints with the EyeClops Night Vision goggles were that they're uncomfortable and allowed only one eye to be used. Thankfully the second gen is not only cheaper and better, but lets you look creepy in comfortable binocular style. » 8/10/09 10:00pm 8/10/09 10:00pm

Lightning Review: EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

The Gadget » 10/31/08 6:00pm 10/31/08 6:00pm: , the cheapo-version of the spy favorite that'll allow you to go exploring, play wargames, or stalk your ex-girlfriend in the dark.