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This Could Be the World's Smallest Night Vision Camera

Illustration for article titled This Could Be the Worlds Smallest Night Vision Camera

When you're creeping outside someone's bedroom at night trying to get shots of them sleeping, the last thing you need to deal with is a bulky pair of night vision goggles. So stalkers of the world rejoice; JTT has designed what looks like the smallest night vision camera ever that lets you stay as inconspicuous as possible.


The CHOBi CAM Pro 3 looks like it's just barely larger than the compact flash memory cards our digital cameras once used, but it's still capable of snapping 11 megapixel stills, and recording full 1080P video. On a full charge you can expect to get an impressive 120 minutes of record time, but that's probably a bit shorter when shooting in the dark since you'll need to switch on the five infrared LEDs surrounding the lens.

And since the camera is so small, when using its night vision capabilities you only have a range of about three feet, but surprisingly the results don't completely suck. Especially since it will only set you back about $54. [JTT via DamnGeeky]

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Why is it attempting to render color? Wouldn't a simple black and white output be significantly better for gain with IR? It is night vision after all.