Skating on a Glass Skateboard Ends Exactly How You'd Expect It to End

Or I guess, since the glass skateboard hilariously shatters into pieces right in the beginning, skating on a glass skateboard starts exactly how you’d think it’d start, too. Watch as Braille Skateboarding gets a glass skateboard deck, installs the trucks, sets the wheels, and then takes the glass board for a spin...…


Racing down the street on a longboard at 70mph blurs the world

I imagine when Superman flies around the world, all he sees is a blur as he zooms by. But since we can’t all be Superman, the closest we’ll get to that close first hand blur view is zipping down a street on a longboard at 70mph. But since most of us would never do that either, we’ll just watch this video of Zak Maytum…

The process of making an entire skateboard looks like a lot of fun

Skateboarding is fun but George Powell of Powell Peralta skateboard makes building skateboards look even more fun. It's always cool to see hands and machines and people transform wood into something completely different but especially neat to see how the whole skateboard—trucks and bearings and wheels—comes together.