NASA Is Going to Try Out Smart Glasses for Astronauts

NASA has announced that it plans to investigate the use of smart glasses in space, for virtual reality and augmented reality applications during human spaceflight—to help with flight operations, repairs or other technical tasks. » 3/12/15 5:30am 3/12/15 5:30am

Sony's Clip-On Unit Will Make Any Glasses Smart

Sony has announced a new display module that clips onto the frame of any piece of existing eyewear in order to turn it into something more akin to Google Glass. » 12/17/14 4:28am 12/17/14 4:28am

Google Glass Hardware Just Got a Spec Bump

Google has announced that Glass is getting a hardware update following its extended Explorer testing feedback—but current owners won't get upgraded. » 6/25/14 3:41am 6/25/14 3:41am

Report: The NYPD Is Testing Google Glass

According to a report by VentureBeat, The New York City Police Department is currently investigating how useful Google Glass could be in the fight against the city's crime. » 2/06/14 4:20am 2/06/14 4:20am

Hands On Epson's Moverio BT-200: Augmented Reality Lite

A couple years ago we saw Epson's Moverio make its debut. It was kind of like a double-eyed Google Glass, but it had a lot of issues. It was bulky, it was dim, it didn't have any sensors. Basically, it didn't do much. Today, the BT-200 is here, and it's undeniably much, much better. The only question is, who's it for? » 1/06/14 7:20pm 1/06/14 7:20pm

Google Glass Owners Can Get an Updated Pair For Free

Those ahead of the curve enough to be in possession of Google Glass can now swap their existing pair of smart specs for an updated version of the hardware—free of charge. » 12/05/13 5:45am 12/05/13 5:45am

These Vein-Spotting Smart Glasses Will Give Medics X-Ray Vision

Few medical instruments evoke the stomach-churning dread that needles do, especially when finding the vein takes multiple stabs. But thanks to a new wearable trans-dermal imaging system from Evena Medical, even neophyte nurses will be able to tap your veins without turning your arms into pin cushions. » 11/20/13 1:40pm 11/20/13 1:40pm

NYT: Google Glass Is About to Get More Musical

According to a report by the New York Times, Google will today announce a rich new set of musical features for Glass which will provide a better audio experience for those who choose to wear the devices. » 11/12/13 3:49am 11/12/13 3:49am

Google Glass Comes With a 45-Minute One-to-One Chat For Each Buyer

It's getting easier and easier to snag yourself a pair of Google's smart glasses, but there's still plenty that feels exclusive about the things. Like, for instance, the fact that Google insists that you spend 45 minutes talking with them before you use 'em. » 11/04/13 6:47am 11/04/13 6:47am

These Smart Glasses Could Help the Blind to See

These smart glasses could help bring sight to thousands of blind people, by converting visual information into images that can actually be seen by the visually impaired. » 11/01/13 9:53am 11/01/13 9:53am

WSJ: Microsoft Is Working on Its Own Version of Google Glass

Microsoft may have not hopped on the smartphone bandwagon especially early, but they aren't about to be left behind again. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is already working on its own smartglasses. Yup. » 10/22/13 9:14am 10/22/13 9:14am

This Contact Lens Puts a Display Right On Your Eye

It seems like everyone and their brother is working on some sort of smart glasses, but how about smart contact lenses? It turns out those might actually be closer than you think. » 12/08/12 1:00pm 12/08/12 1:00pm

Wearing Knockoff Google Glasses Is Even More Embarrassing Than Wearing…

Vuzix, which specializes in technofancy optics, is so eager to ride the coattails of Google Glasses that they're releasing their own version: the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. The M100 smart glasses run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 720p camera along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and head-tracking sensors. Which means,… » 11/13/12 9:00pm 11/13/12 9:00pm

Smart Glasses: Dynamically Changing Lenses to Replace Bifocals

Here's a pair of glasses from PixelOptics that replace bifocals, changing from distant vision to close-up with the flick of a switch. Sure, this prototype is rather odd-looking, but its developers say future versions will be indistinguishable from conventional eyeglasses. The technology works using an extremely thin… » 4/04/06 12:47pm 4/04/06 12:47pm