How to purposely make brand new furniture look completely vintage

The world we currently live in loves the old world we used to live in. To a point. Everyone gets lovesick with nostalgia and pines for the good ol’ days but no one will ever really go back in time because it means our iPhones will be older and Facebook won’t load as fast. So in that yearning for yesterday, we decide… »9/28/15 12:20pm9/28/15 12:20pm


10 tricks that famous movie directors use as their trademark

With some directors, you can immediately tell you're watching a movie they directed just by looking at a still frame without any context. There's a visual style they stamp on their films, a certain special effect they like, a narrative preference they utilize, basically, a trademark they have. WatchMojo came up with a… »7/10/14 9:47pm7/10/14 9:47pm

Photographs switch the role of parent and child by changing clothes

Mom, you look ridiculous. Son, what the hell are you wearing? These type of conversations go on in every household everywhere. In a generational tug of war between style and comfort it seems like parents and children are on opposite sides. But what if they changed places? What if parents wore the outfits of their… »2/18/14 11:31pm2/18/14 11:31pm

Meet the Shoe that Represents the Future of Fashion and 3D Printing

Right now, 3D-printed fashion is mired in novelty—each piece seems to scream hey, look what's possible with this craaaazy technology. Someday, printed garments might be commonplace, but that day just isn't here yet. However, that doesn't mean savvy designers, like London-based Earl Stewart, shouldn't tinker with… »6/05/13 5:34pm6/05/13 5:34pm

USB-Powered Self-Misting Hairbrush: Thanko, You've Done It Again

Just when you think the industrial designers of the world have lost their inspiration for true innovation, Thanko comes along and opens a new window to improving our lives through technology. This time around it's a USB-rechargeable hairbrush featuring a built-in water reservoir and misting pump, so the humidity's… »12/11/12 10:00am12/11/12 10:00am