How Technology and Fashion Made These Dresses Light Up Like a Starry Night

Chinese designer Vega Wang combined space-age styles with electroluminescent material to make Alpha Lyrae, an amazing line of gorgeous, glowing dresses. You can see them glow like nebula in the sky at a star-speckled site the Creators Project, Vice, and Intel just launched.

Each radiant piece is inspired by different phenomena in space, like black holes and constellations. And of course, in addition to a sewing machine it took some key tech to make these beautiful frocks glow. Underneath clean, white fabric there are pliable sheets of electroluminescent material that has a blueish glow. Nebula patterns are printed onto each sheet, and each outfit has a little controller to regulate the brightening and dimming on the dress. The results are utterly hypnotizing. Creators Project]


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