Psychology and the human brain are awesome. This list of 10 amazing ways to stop overeating is proof of it.

1. Use smaller plates (fooling the brain.)

2. Use your non-dominant hand to snacks (I really can't understand that, but research shows you eat 20% less.)


3. Use tall glasses instead of short fat ones (ok, that's just physics, but good point.)

4. Place mirrors in your kitchen and fridge door (shame yourself, clever.)

5. Chew fruit-flavored gum when you feel hungry (mint flavor is not as good.)

6. Put your fork or spoon down after each bite (to eat slower).

7. Use red plates (must be something about red meaning stop in our culture.)

8. Don't watch TV when eating (a classic.)

9. Take photos of the unhealthy food you eat (not sure if that works for the Instagram generation).


10. Cut down on the variety of food during a meal (the less you want to try different types of food, the less you will eat.)

I know. Some of these don't make sense, but watch the video for the explanation.

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