10 Hypnotic Gadgets You Just Can't Stop Looking At

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Another Monday (sigh). Don't you just wish that there was a way to skip forward in time to the point when when you clock out for the day? No, I don't have a time machine, but I do have the next best thing: 10 gadgets that you can use to hypnotize yourself until quittin' time. All you need to do is stare at the mesmerizing movement. The next thing you know you will be in your car on the way home...although you are sweating profusely and your underwear has mysteriously disappeared. What the hell just happened? Best not to think about it. Your co-workers will tell you allll about it tomorrow.

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The Ammonite Washbasin: So, you're brushing your teeth in the morning and you glance down to spit. Suddenly you are transfixed by the water spiraling down the drain. The next thing you know it's noon. Try explaining that one to your boss. [Link]

Rotopault Kinetic Sculpture: The brainchild of Brad Litwin, the Rotopault is a kinetic sculpture that launches and catches a ball as it rotates. Incredibly simple yet incredibly hypnotic. [Link]

Waterfall "Printer": This waterfall installation located in the Canal City Hakata shopping complex in Fukuoka, Japan can form intricate patters using water sprayed from hundreds of nozzles that are precisely controlled by computers. [Link]

Cloud: Cloud is a digital sculpture designed by the team at Troika and it is currently hanging in Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport. The 16-foot sculpture consists of 4,638 dots that switch from silver to black with an easy flick, an aluminum body, two electronic drivers, 134 distribution boards and over 16,500 feet of cable controlling the movement. [Link]

LED Fish Tank: This giant LED fish tank in "The Place" mall located in Beijing China utilizes five screens to generate over 26,606 square feet of viewable space. [Link]


R/C Fin-Fish: Speaking of fish, check out this entry in the latest Airship Regatta competition held in Germany. The servo-driven fins give the impression that this helium-filled fish is swimming through the air. [Link]

Acid Machine Synth: This DIY machine allows you to visualize the sound using a rotating disc printed with a special pattern that displays the note being played. It works by making an "LED blink in the frequency of the sound, and rotating the image at a set speed." The combination of staring into the disk and the music is sure to trip you out. [Link]

Drinking Bird: This classic toy is often referred to as a "perpetual motion machine," but it is actually a thermodynamically powered heat engine. In other words, the energy used to product the motion is not free. [Think Geek] Aqua Jelly and Airjelly: Festo, a company specializing in pneumatic and electrical automation technology has developed two different versions of a machine inspired by the common jellyfish. The Airjelly gracefully floats in the air thanks to a helium-filled ballonet, a central electric drive and an intelligent, adaptive mechanical system. The Aquajelly utilizes similar technology to perform underwater. [Link]

DL 3000 Book Scanner: This baby can scan 3000 pages an hour. Boring, yes...but somehow it is hard to take your eyes off it. [Link]


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