The Fossil Washbasin Will Hypnotize You Into Being Late For Work

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We have seen some awesome sinks over the years, and at least one that was inspired by geology and topographical maps. The Ammonite washbasin from HighTech features a similar "organic" theme, but in my opinion, a much more captivating design. Apparently, Ammonites are an extinct species of cephalopods that existed about 400 million years ago, and their shells are prized by collectors. When integrated into a concrete sink, this prehistoric design creates a hypnotic spiral of water.

The Ammonite Washbasin is available in 1200-1590 x 560 mm (approx. 47-63 x 22 inches) dimensions with a basin that measures 64 cm (about 25-inches). There is no word on pricing, but my guess is that it would be very expensive to install. Plus, you may run into trouble with the financing after you get canned for being late to work everyday. You could easily get caught in a trance watching this sink operate as you brush your teeth in the morning. [HighTech via Trendir]

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