10 Inventions That The Simpsons Totally Predicted

The Simpsons have been around for so long (since 1989!) that it’s no surprise that they’ve influenced our culture so much. And though obviously it’s much easier to make a cartoon joke about fake inventions than to actually invent them in the real world (and they’re not always the first TV show to predict them), some of these inventions really were influenced by the fiction of Homer and Marge and Bart and Lisa and the rest of the world of Springfield.


Here’s a list from Alltime10s:

  1. Blood spraying billboards
  2. Sarcasm detector
  3. Left-handed stores
  4. Smartwatches
  5. Autocorrect
  6. Airplane restaurants
  7. Baby translators
  8. Hamburger earmuffs
  9. Farmville
  10. 3D printed cakes

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Sigh...Dick Tracey effectively had a smart watch decades previously...others on this list predate the Simpsons as well.