10 movie myths that can never actually happen in real life

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We see some things happen so often in movies that they start to seep into our reality. We totally think they're real. Like thinking the asteroid belt is some dangerous road or that firing a gun to break a lock works or that silencers truly silence a weapon. But nope! Those are all myths that can't ever happen in real life.

Here are 10 movie myths from AllTime10s. Some we know but don't want to believe (explosions in space), some we still hold out hope to work (like using a cigarette to light an explosion):

  • Breaking a huge fall with water
  • Big loud fireball explosions in space
  • Asteroid belt is dense and crowded
  • Cigarettes can light gasoline
  • Shoot a lock with a gun
  • Exposure in space means blowing up
  • Defibrillators can save someone flatlining
  • Silencers are super quiet
  • Shooting a gas tank can cause an explosion
  • Takes time on a phone call to find a location

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