8. Twenty million things happen in every episode

The very best part of the subplot about Mina's career is that it doesn't feel heavy-handed because it comes in the middle of an episode where a zillion other things happen. In fact, that's every episode of Dracula. We whirl between relationship drama between Lucy and Mina, industrial magnate drama between Dracula and everybody, secret agenda drama with Renfield, mad science drama with Van Helsing, and hot sex scenes. The show has everything.


9. Henry VIII is now sucking blood!

If you ever watched The Tudors, where Dracula played Henry VIII, you know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers can bring the crazy scenery chewing required for this role. Imagine Henry VIII, and all those silky underwear sex scenes, with fangs! And he's yelling about ancient curses and sustainable energy instead of the Reformation! The only thing that's missing is Cromwell, and hopefully he'll show up now that his short-lived role on Sleepy Hollow is over. Meyers was totally made for this role, which requires the "bulgy-eyed intensity" acting he has completely mastered. Plus, for some reason Dracula is pretending to be American – so Meyers gets to do a silly American accent part of the time.


10. Everyone is extremely silly all the time and knows it and that is exactly right


Meyers' special skill as an actor is enhanced by the fact that this show never takes itself seriously. There is a lot of winking, and a lot of fun, even as Dracula is pounding his fist on the desk and demanding more coolant. What's terrific is that the show still manages to be gross and thrilling, smart and witty, even as the plot spins off into goofball territory. Partly the breakneck pace helps maintain this light tone. But I also think it's the creativity of the writing, and the sheer inventiveness of this science fictional, gaslamp thriller version of Dracula.

Don't believe me? Check out the next episode, which is airing next Friday. You have all week to catch up on the four previous episodes, which are available for free on Hulu.