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10 Science Tricks To Make You the Most Interesting Person At Dinner

Every year Richard Wiseman puts together a compilation video of simple, but impressive, science tricks. So if things have gotten a little tense, or a little boring, at dinner today, here's ten surefire ways to liven things up.


I'd be careful with that food dye and liquid soap experiment, though. Having just seen Bill Nye demonstrate the same trick with a pot of oil and water, a younger version of myself decided to try it at home with a pot of what I thought was dirty water. It turns out it wasn't dirty water, but gravy, and while I was thankful for a lot of things that year, Bill Nye the Science Guy wasn't one of them. [Richard Wiseman via BoingBoing]

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When I want to liven things up, I get drunk and start pointing out everyone's faults. It's win-win.