11-Year-Old Criminal Pees on $36,000 in MacBooks

Our society's moral fabric continues to tear: a Pennsylvanian boy has been charged with "institutional vandalism and criminal mischief" after destroying a cartful of MacBooks. With his own peepee.

The culprit, a student at Upper Allen Elementary School, damaged the computers "beyond repair," PennLive.com repors. The site says only "several" computers were urinated upon, but with a bill of $36,000 it certainly must have been more. How did the child summon so much pee? Why were the computers just sitting in a cart? Was it deliberate, is was the child confused? Well, no time for questions now: the boy will be turned over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department. Crime doesn't pay. [PennLive via Macenstein]


Photo: Gaby Kooijman/Shutterstock

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