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Jon Penn isn't your average 11-year-old school kid. No, Sir. In his spare time, mostly between classes, he manages the entire computing network for his school in Alabama. The network consists of sixty computers and Jon took up the role when the previous administrator upped and left, completely unannounced.


Jon has since visited CompUSA and purchased some tools to help him map out the school's network. Apparently, the whole infrastructure was in such a sorry state when Jon got started, he had to urge the head teacher to spend some cash on up-to-date antivirus software. Even still, some of the machines Jon has to deal with are so old they cannot support current protection packages. In short; the little tyke's got his work cut out. Sure, this all sounds fantastic for the kid, he's obviously quite a smart lad, but we ask you this; is he smart enough to make the old network administrator mysteriously vanish, giving him an excellent opportunity to show off the mad network admin skills he's gained following 11 years of solid training? That crafty little... [Network World via Slashdot]

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