120,000-piece Lego Erebor Is Twice the Size Of a Hobbit

Michał Kaźmierczak is the Lego super-builder responsible for the massive gates of Erebor build from The Hobbit. Well, he’s now added an insanely-large Lego interior to the build. And it’s incredibly cool.

In total 120,000 bricks were used to build the 7-foot tall, 5.5-foot deep, 6-foot wide behemoth. And itweighs as much as two dwarves (286 pounds)! Kaźmierczak now wants to find a professional camera man who will use his creation to make a movie.


Here’s the Elven visit at the Throne Hall at Erebor:

Here’s the Erebor treasury:


The barricaded entrance:


“Rock full of veins of gold:”


And now the front of the massive build:


[via the Brothers-Brick]

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