13 different ways to make crazy tasty sandwiches from around the world

Sandwiches are the reason why happiness is possible. Why being optimistic pays off. Why lending a helping hand is worth it. Because if you’re a good person who does more good things than bad things, your faith in life is reaffirmed when you bite into a sandwich. Every sandwich is basically paying it forward. Here are 13 wild sandwiches from all over the world, I don’t even recognize some of these.


Here’s the full 13 and the video below by the excellent Food, People, Places shows you how to make them. I wonder if people in South Africa and Poland are as amazed by our Sloppy Joe as I am the Gatsby Sandwich (steak! ham! fries! some crazy sauce! in a sandwich!) and the Zapiekanka.

  1. The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli from Australia
  2. The Gatsby Sandwich from South Africa
  3. The Cucumber Sandwich from Great Britain
  4. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich from North America
  5. The Danish Smorrebrod
  6. The Italian Panini
  7. The French Croque Monsieur
  8. The Turkish (or German) Döner Kebap
  9. The Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich
  10. The American Sloppy Joe
  11. The South American Choripan
  12. The Polish Zapiekanka
  13. The Toast Hawaii from Germany

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Of all the beautiful sandwiches America has given the world, they picked the PB&J? That’s weak.

ETA: I know there’s more American sandwiches, but PB&J is just lame compared to some of the amazing things available.