The wheel. It’s the greatest invention ever made. Especially when four of ‘em are popped on a Porsche. Here are your tributes to 360 degrees of roundness.

Porsche Swoosh


This photo is of a restored Porsche wheel (1970 something). This is a 4 second exposure with a handheld LED ring light to give the light streak effect in the background. I shot this in a warehouse with the lights off. Turned the ring light on at about 90 degrees to the wheel and ran the light behind the wheel to get the effect. Equipment used was a 60D, Sigma 24-70, and an F&V R-300 Ring Light.

Eddie Smith

Pumpkin Shake Thanks

I work on a government installation and across the street from the gate near my office is a small mom and pop used car lot. Now what is unusual about this lot is the guy that runs it sells a lot of mid-century European stuff. He rarely has more than five cars on his grassy lot next to a small office type trailer and an all steel garage type storage building. I suspect he is a consignment dealer. The garage will hold what I suspect is five small cars which would explain his inventory numbers. Anyway, there is an Arby’s next door which from my office is only a five minute walk so on nice days we go there often. He has a 64 or 65 MGB on the lot at present and since I always have my camera in the car (Canon EOS rebel XT DSLR with 18-55mm lens) I took this picture of one of its wheels just to send to you. He was more than gracious to allow me to do so. I bought him a pumpkin shake to thank him.

Richard “Rick” Sanford, III

R/C Wheel


The shot is of a remote controlled car that my cats love to chase around the house. The setup consists of a DIY helping hand with a ‘2MP’ 500x digital microscope that I picked up for $12.38. That’s the best photo it can take.

Michael Boquist

French Press


At the end of the workday when your caffeine levels are dropping you surf Gizmodo for a pick-me-up and find an interesting contest about the ubiquity of “wheels”. You quickly scan your cubicle for wheel subject matter—thinking you might have to crack open your laptop to find one, roam the cubicle halls for a neighbor with some bric-a-brac, or maybe even have to raid the janitor’s closet for something arcane. Instead the very source for you inspiration becomes the depleted well of caffeine smudged with a week’s worth finger prints and half-rinsed coffee residue. Your French press coffee maker has a wheel of chromy goodness.

Matt Watkins

Non Papa!!


When I saw the challenge I immediately had that picture in mind. I just cleaned and re-arranged my daughter’s play room and while I was putting her toys back I was thinking to myself wow, she has a lot of wheels for a 3 year old. Once I put back everything, she came and said to me: “Non papa!!, la poussette, la voiture et la trottinette se rangent ici et comme ça!”* and put it the right way. Girls and their wheels.

* No Daddy!, the stroller, the car and the scooter are stored here and like that!


Nils Bertrand



This was a quick little shoot of the nicest “Kent” Alloy wheel on my 1985 Jaguar. Shot with a nikon D3200 with an ISO of 100 with a 55mm lens at 1/25s f/5.6

Martin Syndor

Forgotten Wheels


Fresh out of Ferrari wheels to photograph, I thought about “Forgotten wheels.” I decided to photograph the spare tire on the underneath of an SUV where it is mounted on the underside, and tends to pick up dirt.

The image was captured with a Nokia Lumia 635. Using 4.06 it was converted to B&W, and then a surface blur was added to emphasize the lines of the wheel.


Jonas Demuro

Coming Clean


I was halfway through a typical Saturday morning car washing when I remembered this week’s shooting challenge. I perched the camera on a small rock to keep it out of the puddle, and took a few quick shots before finishing the job. A literal interpretation of the challenge, to be sure. Canon G7x, f/2.2, 1/125 second exposure, ISO-125.

S Wootten

Space Shuttle Discovery


Below transcribed by Dad:

Hi my name is Kate Bell, I am 7 years old. This is a picture of the landing gear wheels of the Space Shuttle Discovery at the Air & Space Museum by Washington DC. I took this picture because I love learning about space and the Space Shuttle. I took this picture with my Sony camera.


Kate Bell

Worth It


Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (with a dirty Brembo caliper). Not much of a story here. This is my 2014 JGC SRT. Black powder coated Spider Monkey wheels, lowered on Road Magnet springs. I love love love these factory wheels. They are a complete pain in the ass to clean, but I don’t care. Equipment: Nikon D600, 50mm 1.8

Dave Mac



This bicycle wheel is held up by a single string. The spinning wheel acts as a gyroscope. It took a few tries to get the wheel and the lighting to work. The wheel wanted to twist into the stand, so I had to get my shot and then catch the wheel. I was happy that I got some motion blur with the wheel spokes, but everything else is fairly sharp.

I lit this with a speedlight at full power placed on the floor below and to the left of the wheel. My Pentax K5 IIs was set to 1/60th of a second at f/5.6 and ISO 100. There were a few minor edits in Lightroom.


Chris Sears

Hypnosis Device


So last week I attended a bar event where a classic spinning wheel was being used for those who bought a specific type of drink from the menu. I found the thing entrancing due to the spiral pattern in the center which hypnotized individuals as they spun.

As the bar was kind of dark and I was shooting handheld I slowed the exposure and opened my camera’s aperture as wide open as possible to get the wheel in motion. All of this was done as I was standing and trying to minimize hand shake during the shot. The resulting pic, while not super sharp, captured the bar atmosphere and the center of the wheel.


The image was cleared up in lightroom after I shot in order to reduce noise. Sony NEX 6, f1.8 ,1/10, 35mm, ISO1600

Lloyd Johnston

Saab 99 GL


I was walking in Helsinki in the garage of a local tech department store (“Verkkokauppa”) on Friday evening - after admiring some new iPhones.

My son, 3.5y, accidentally then ran into this Saab 99 GL that was manufactured between 1968-1984. The model in the picture is GL that is the executive “Grand Luxe” version. My son fell in love with the car and thought in particular the wheels where the most beautiful he has ever seen. He was just wondering why he doesn’t know the car brand as he has in the last 2 months become a real car aficionado and learned most brands.


It was a hearth-warming moment as I first explained how Saab was the “Nordic pride” back in the days - being both progressive as well as reliable - but then going through some hardship including bankruptcy. My son (3.5y) interpreted this that the car company “died”. We then have spend the last 2 days discussing how a car can die... quite philosophical.

Anyways, the wheels and his affection to them reminded me of your competition. I love the power of the wheel - symmetric while radiating both class and power, something the 99 GL was known for.


The equipment used was iPhone 6 Plus with technique being “hipshooting”.

Lari Hamalainen

Admiring The View


Took this as I parked this morning. Little bit of the sunrise and little bit of the wheel.

Scott Lumsden

Great entries this week, and I particularly enjoyed all of the romantic stories you car buffs shared about your rides. Totes adorbs.


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