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Listen closely, Apple, this is an idea worth thieving. As an owner of many dropped MP3 players, I fully give my celebrity endorsing to monolith and their line of semi-indestructible MP3 players. This is the MX7000, it first popped up late last year and came with 512MB of memory. Monolith has decided to upgrade this beast to 1GB and 2GB capacity models. This MP3 players features a thick aluminum shell that can resist the day-to-day mishaps that portable media devices experience:mdash;dropping, stepping upon, throwing against a wall and running over with a car. The MX7000 also features a 19-hour battery life, line-in, FM recording and prices begin at $200.

Monolith MX7000 Semi-Indestructible MP3 Player Now in 1GB & 2GB [Gadget-Review]