16GB iPhone 4 Parts Cost $187.51

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The components that make up the 16GB iPhone 4 cost just under $188, according to iSuppli. For some perspective: that's more than Droid or the 3GS. Most of that added price seems to be built into that fancy retina display.


That screen—likely produced by LG—cost a disproportionate $28.50 per unit, according to iSuppli. The A4 processor—from Samsung, and the same as in the iPad—cost $10.75, and the new gyroscope chip came in at an estimated cost of $2.60.


It's not clear how much profit Apple's clearing with each unit—iSuppli doesn't take into account the marketing, design, manufacturing, etc. costs, or how much AT&T contributes—but it's safe to say it's at least in line with previous models. [Businessweek]

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So where can I buy one of those screens for around that price? Here is the reason I ask. Although it is nice to know what the products cost in mass production, what I would really like to know is what it would cost if each of us could build our own phones. That would really put into perspective the cost of these phones.