The holidays are over, and we're left dealing with the chilling hangover of Christmas-less winter. Luckily, we have these 16 photos you took of snow, too!

Winner: Bumper Cars


There is actually very little snow left in the St. Louis, Missouri area, so this became quite the challenge. It was too obvious to go to the Hidden Valley Ski Resort where they make their own snow. I managed to find all of this ice and snow which fell north and west of here and came all the way down the Missouri River. This shot was taken right at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The Missouri was choked with these ice and snow formations. The Mississippi was clear. It was an amazing process to observe: tens of thousands of ice chunks playing bumper cars at 6.2 mph.

John Locus



Lighthouse and Lake Michigan encased in ice and snow just before sunset. Shot handheld with Canon T3i, Canon 24-105mm@105mm, f/11, 1/100 s, ISO 100.

Jon McFayden

Where's Summer?


Picture taken 1/6/2015 Boyd Lake State Park Loveland Colorado Canon 5dMkii 100-400 lens focal length 400mm f5.6 White balance auto ISO 320 1/1600sec shot in RAW developed in LR.

Ron Krutsch

Sun Snow


Shot in the fields of Kansas. A gorgeous sunset as it melts away the last bit of snow from earlier in the week. Shot on a Canon 7D with a 85mm Cinelens

Trenton Jones

Montana Fence


I took this photo near my home, in Bozeman, Montana. I love how the bright-white snow, in the foreground, gradually darkens into a brilliant sapphire sky. The Bridger Mountains serve as a perfect midpoint, both in orientation and in color. I snapped it with my Fujifilm X100s - 1/800 at f/13, ISO 200.

Derek Bronken

Exactly Zero Degrees


In this shot, it's exactly zero degrees. When on a 6-mile hike, I took this shot. I used an iPhone 6, and took this as quickly as I could because the wind was blowing and my fingers were about to turn into icicles.

Charlie White

Another Day At Work


This was taken in New Mexico from my iPhone 6, sorry I can't name it correctly, this is my view from my job.

Shaun Seredni

Lina's Pizza


This was taken along Morgan St. on the south side of Chicago. I was on my way to get coffee and brought my camera along to catch some of the neighborhood movement that occurs after a fresh snow. It was taken with a Canon SX50 HS with manual settings that I didn't record. Post processing was done in the Photoshop Express iOS app.

Jason Schumer

Frosty Wheel


Took this shot with my Canon 20D equiped with a 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Canon lens. Shot is full auto mode as I was kind of in a rush. It is out front of the Galt Museum in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. The picture has a large, steel, train wheel used on the trains at the time the bridge in the background was built.

Scott Lumsden

Year Four


Although this image was shot this week the story of the image begins exactly 3 years ago. On January 1st 2012 I've landed in New York, my first day moving into the US. Couple of days after I shot my first image, close to my new home in Forest Hills, Queens. It was the image of the Old LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) tracks in the midst of Forest Park (Queens). Every year since I am visiting the park at the same day, standing on the bridge at the same spot, and reminding myself where it all began. This year, it happened to be (wonderfully) snowy. What a start to my 4th year in America :).

Yoav Friedlander

The Swings Are Open


I hope you'll like my photo.

Wojciech Fils



The image was captured with a Nokia Lumia 635 after the recent snowfall this week. It was then put through to convert it to B&W, and globally corrected for contrast and brightness.

Jonas Demuro



Last year's flowers poking out of fresh snow in my back yard in Harford, NY.

Mike Brown

Deer Model


I live in Seattle so there isn't any snow within an hour of the city. However my fiancée makes 1/12th scale miniatures so we set up a winter scene with one of her mini houses. Just like real-world indoor/outdoor shots, the exposure was challenging so I set up a tripod and used the +/-1 auto exposure bracketing on my camera to take three shots at different shutter speeds. I combined the three images into a single 32bit HDR image in Photoshop.

Ansel Santosa



Unfortunately we don't have too much snow on the ground in central Indiana right now. However, on Friday morning it was snowing and the moon has been very bright, so I took a chance on some moonlit pictures. I was using my old manual focus Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 lens wide open on my Nikon D300 and rotated it all the way to Infinity, then hoped for the best. Brr.

Brian Elmer



This past Saturday I was out for a walk with my fiancée all bundled up and making our own trail as we went. The recently cloudy weather subdued in favour for a reasonably sunny day. As I was starting to feel my fingers and toes start to numb, I remembered an article I read a few days earlier on Gizmodo about the snow challenge. I had never attempted a challenge such as this before and thought I would try for fun. With the lack of my better camera at home I figured I'd pursue this challenge with my smartphone. I removed my warm gloves so I could experience the sense of taking pictures in the balmy -15 temperatures. I wanted to capture something different which most people don't think twice about of in the winter. I decided to capture the endurance of algae through the winter months and also involve the concept of the snow into my frame. I wandered around the area and found a nice branch freshly covered in snow with a frozen over river in the background. Once my brain told me my hands had enough I rushed home and selected my picture of choice.

The equipment I used was the Galaxy S5, manual close up focus on the algae and snow with HDR on and exposure set to 0 to give it a more natural glow.


Kyle Raymond

Dog Horizon


I'm always surprised by the cammoflage of my dog once the heavy snows hit and there is not more foliage in the woods.

Kevin Browne

Suddenly the snowy view from my window isn't looking so bad. Kudos to those of you who braved the cold to snap these photos. The big versions are on flickr.